Planetary Missions

List of planetary missions:

Launch Date Name Agency Planet and Mission
1962-08-27 Mariner 2 NASA (USA) Venus flyby
1964-11-28 Mariner 4 NASA (USA) Mars flyby
1967-06-14 Mariner 5 NASA (USA) Venus flyby
1967 – 1983 Venera Soviet Venus
1969-02-25 Mariner 6 NASA (USA) Mars flyby
1969-03-27 Mariner 7 NASA (USA) Mars flyby
1971-05-30 Mariner 9 NASA (USA) Mars orbiter
1972-03-03 Pioneer 10 NASA (USA) Jupiter flyby
1973-04-06 Pioneer 11 NASA (USA) Jupiter flyby
1973-11-03 Mariner 10 NASA (USA) Venus and Mercury
1975 Viking NASA (USA) Orbiters/Landers to Mars
1977-08-20 Voyager 2 NASA (USA) Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and beyond
1977-09-05 Voyager 1 NASA (USA) Jupiter, Saturn, and beyond
1978-05-20 Pioneer Venus NASA (USA) Orbiter/Probes to Venus
1988-07-07 Phobos 1 Soviet Mars
1988-07-12 Phobos 2 Soviet Mars
1989-05-04 Magellan NASA (USA) Venus Radar Mapping
1989-10-18 Galileo NASA (USA) Jupiter
1990-10-06 Ulysses NASA (USA)/ ESA (Europe) study the solar wind via Jupiter
1992-09-25 Mars Observer NASA (USA) to Mars
1996-11-07 Mars Global Surveyor NASA (USA) Mars Orbiter
1996-11-16 Mars 96 Russian Mars Orbiter and Lander
1996-12-04 Mars Pathfinder NASA (USA) Mars Environmental Survey
1997-10-15 Cassini NASA (USA) / ESA (Europe) Saturn
1997-10-15 Huygens NASA (USA) / ESA (Europe) Saturn’s satellite Titan
1998-07-03 Nozomi (Planet-B) ISAS (Japan) Mars Orbiter
1998-12-11 Mars Climate Orbiter NASA (USA) Mars Orbiter
1999-01-03 Deep Space 2 NASA (USA) Penetrator Mission to Mars
1999-01-03 Mars Polar Lander NASA (USA) Mars Lander
2001-04-07 2001 Mars Odyssey NASA (USA) Mars Orbiter
2003-06-02 Mars Express ESA (Europe) Mars Orbiter and Lander
2003-06-10 Mars Exploration Rover Spirit NASA (USA) Mars Rover
2003-07-08 Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity NASA (USA) Mars Rover
2004-08-03 MESSENGER NASA (USA) Mercury Orbiter
2005-08-12 Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter NASA (USA) Mars Orbiter
2005-11-09 Venus Express ESA (Europe) Venus Orbiter
2006-01-19 New Horizons NASA (USA) Pluto Kuiper Belt Flyby
2011-11-26 Mars Science Laboratory NASA (USA) Mars Rover
2013-11-18 MAVEN NASA (USA) Mars Orbiter
2016-03-14 ExoMars ESA (Europe) Mars Orbiter and Lander

List of Missions to Comets and Asteroids:

(See also the main page on comets for more details of cometary missions.)

Launch Date Name Agency Mission
1978-08-12 ICE (ISEE-3) NASA (USA) Comet Giacobini-Zinner
1985-01-08 Sakigake ISAS (Japan) Comet Halley
1985-07-02 Giotto ESA (Europe) Comets Halley and Grigg-Skjellerup
1985-08-18 Suisei ISAS (Japan) Comet Halley
1996-02-17 NEAR NASA (USA) Rendezvous Mission to Near-Earth Asteroid
1998-10-24 Deep Space 1 (DS1) NASA (USA) Asteroid 1992 KD Flyby
1999-02-07 Stardust NASA (USA) Comet 81P / Wild 2 Coma Sample Return
2002-07-03 CONTOUR NASA (USA) Unsuccessful fly-by mission of 3 Comet Nuclei
2003-05-09 Hayabusa (Muses-C) ISAS (Japan) Asteroid Itokawa Sample Return
2004-03-02 Rosetta ESA (Europe) Rendezvous Mission to Comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko
2005-01-12 Deep Impact NASA (USA) Impact with Comet Tempel 1
2007-09-27 Dawn NASA (USA) Asteroid Ceres and Vesta Orbiter


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